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Insurance Accepted and Payment Plans

We gladly accept some health insurance. Individuals in need of our services who lack insurance and who are worried about the high costs charged by many other clinics need not worry. We have highly affordable rates and flexible payment plans allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family.

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Our Approach


There is an old saying in Chiropractic that structure dictates function. We are, in part, biomechanical beings. Our joints need to move well so we can live well and pain free. When joints are dysfunctionional, our nervous system gets irritated and distracted from its primary functions. Scar tissue and myofascial tension need to be addressed to keep motion optimized. We utilize various techniques to free your system. Depending on the need, we use light touch, mechanical to high force techniques. See techniques section.


We all know the saying, “You are what you eat.” More specifically, it’s what you eat, digest, assimilate, and eliminate. We use a combination of Labs, Muscle Testing Systems, and Clinical Chiropractic to determine deficiencies in enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, hormones and more. We determine the energetic states of your organ systems, and the energetic patterns of infective organisms.


Emotions are powerful electro-hormonal-chemical drivers that have a deep effect on the richness of our lives. They give us great feedback with a huge array of frequencies. Sometimes they can act as roadblocks to where we want to go. These are called Neuroemotional Complexes(NEC). One aspect is to clear out NECs using Neuro-Emotional Technique, connecting broken emotional circuts and lightly stimulate the energy system. We have seen this clear many aspects of health, bringing people back to wellness. This can be applied to phobias, self sabotaging processes, and lingering disturbing experiences. We have found varying approaches with color, vibration, laser, emotional freedom technique, occular lock and Applied Kinesiology to make changes at deeper levels.


Living in the Antelope Valley, we certainly are all familiar with allergies. We think of runny noses, sneezing, headaches and fatigue. We can also think of food allergies. We now know that many illnesses (i.e. headaches, back aches, joint pains, addiction, PMS, indigestion, cough, body aches, etc.) are caused by undiagnosed allergies. When left untreated, allergies can become serious life threatening illnesses.